About Us

The Imperial Wine Company was founded in 1995. When we first started, we believed that there was a real need for a good, down-to-earth, friendly and helpful specialist wine merchant offering a range of interesting wines, mostly from small producers. We wanted to provide an affordable alternative to the increasing anonymity and sameness of big brands in big outlets.

This ideal hasn’t changed so we persevere with our vision of bringing characterful and flavourful wines to our customers. We have been rewarded by the growth in demand for genuinely interesting styles. We now ship most of our wines directly from the producers, which gives us access to fantastic wines and allows us to keep our prices competitive. We don’t have everything from everywhere, but carry what strikes us as being good value and good quality, whatever the price.

Staff Biographies

Simon Alper

Simon started drinking at five, thanks to progressive parents who allowed him watered wine that got less dilute over time! His previous lives include a year in a Rheinhessen vineyard, two and a half years in Burgundy, some engineering in Bavaria, followed by a long time at Chilford Hall vineyard and conference centre near Cambridge and a while at The Lord Nelson in Burnham Thorpe in North Norfolk, Nelson’s birth village. Apart from Burgundy, he likes things that that step away from the mainstream, that’s quirky to most people.