Prophet’s Rock Vin de Paille, , 2019, 37.5cl

Prophet’s Rock Vin de Paille, , 2019, 37.5cl


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Wine: Prophet’s Rock Vin de Paille
Vintage: 2019
Size: 37.5cl
Type: Not Set
Country: New Zealand
Region: Otago
Sub region:

Notes: Prophet’s Rock was founded in 1999 in Central Otago and their wines reflect winemaker Paul Pujol’s experience in classic regions like Burgundy and Alsace, striving to express the unique character of each vineyard site.

This rare Vin de Paille (‘Straw Wine’), of which only 1485 bottles were made, is a sweet wine made from Pinot Gris grapes using an ancient technique that is documented as early as 800 BC. The process involves extensive drying of the grapes before fermenting with wild yeast, resulting in a wine that is rich and complex with notes of apple, pear, spice and honey and a refreshing acidity. Wines in this style are notably long-lived and can happily be cellared for over 15 years.

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