Amphora Sangiovese, Heron’s Flight, 2017, 75cl

Amphora Sangiovese, Heron’s Flight, 2017, 75cl


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Wine: Amphora Sangiovese
Producer: Heron’s Flight
Vintage: 2017
Size: 75cl
Type: red
Country: New Zealand
Region: Matakana
Sub region:

Notes: Sangiovese, the classic Tuscan variety, has found a home away from home in the Matakana region of New Zealand. Heron’s Flight’s Amphora Sangiovese is a truly unique expression of the grape – the wine is fermented in a terracotta amphora, the original winemaking vessel used in the ancient world. Terracotta is porous and helps the wine to develop without influencing the flavour like oak barrels.

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